WOODEN WALLS: Krog Street Market

Krog Street Market is a self-described ‘epicurean center’ (“History of Krog”) which houses an amalgam of different types of restaurants. It is located at 99 Krog Street in Atlanta, and since its opening in November of 2014 has grown to the point where it is listed as one of America’s best new restaurants of 2015 (“Bon Appetit | America’s Best New Restaurants 2015”).

On January 29, 2017, I went to Krog Street Market around 5:00 PM, one of its busiest times of day. Once there, I took notes on everything in my surroundings, and have since narrowed my observations to the colors and materials contained within the main dining area, as the full establishment is comprised of numerous restaurants, each with their own separate visual style.

Upon reaching the building, one of the first sights is the entrance way, which can be seen from both inside and outside of the establishment. The entrance is created by transparent,

Pictured here is the outside view of the entrance to Krog Street Market (Krog Street Market)

clear glass doors framed in rust red metal. Once through the doors, one enters a large, open seating area. One of the walls of this area is made of rectangular strips of at least four distinct colors of natural wood placed in a geometric pattern. On this wall is a finished tan wooden bar with tall metal chairs that had finished wooden seats and backs that appeared almost golden. The remaining walls are made in three sections: silver corrugated sheet metal from the ceiling down to the next section, flat grey brushed metal from there down to the next, and evenly lined brown wood from there to the concrete floor.

Spaced around the floor of the room are long tables with attached benches, both made of the same type of wood as the bar and the tall chairs. High above, grey metal pipes and bars cross around the ceiling,

Pictured here is the geometric wooden wall, as well as the wooden tables and benches (How Atlanta’s Krog Street Market Became An Immediate Success) 

with circular clear plastic light fixtures spaced about intermittently. Hanging from the pipes and bars were two types of fake snowflakes made of white plastic; one type appeared to be made of plastic tubes covered in a sparkly material, and the other type was flat and covered in the same sparkling material.

Trash cans are placed at intervals around the room in pairs. These two are identical in shape and composition, but there are marked differences. The one on the left of each pair has a black lid and has a label around the center that states “TRASH,” while the one on the right has a bright blue lid and has a label around the center that states “RECYCLING.”

Near the center of the room is a tall table with a wooden top which holds up a rectangular machine and stacks of translucent disposable plastic cups. Upon closer inspection, one can see that the machine is a water dispenser with spigots labeled “Water,” “Sparkling  Water,” and “Cold Water.”

With all of these observations able to be ascertained from an analysis of only the main eating space, it is easy to see that a full observation of the entire establishment would yield far more extensive results.


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