PATHWAYS: Georgia State Crosswalk


Taken by the author on January 30, 2017, this photo depicts the crosswalks at the corner of Central Avenue and Decatur Street near Classroom South on the Georgia State Atlanta campus. The crosswalks, which connect sidewalks on either side of the streets, are painted on the streets with a brick-like color and pattern, with the GSU logo painted in white placed in the center. Crosswalks painted like these are positioned at nearly every intersection within campus, showing students and others walking around Atlanta that they are still on the Georgia State campus.

Atlanta Through the Fog

This is a picture that I took on October 7, 2016, when my friends and I were at Atlantic Station gathering art supplies to use for Pride that weekend; on the train there, the heavens decided to open up. While we were shopping, the rain cleared away and left the city skyline in a beautiful blanket of fog that I felt needed to be captured and documented.