Home Base: Atlanta and the Capitol Building

if1126 atlanta state capitol state house ga georgia the state capitol building in the capital city of atlanta
Georgia State Capitol Building (Goebel 2007)


Located in the heart of Atlanta, the Georgia state capitol building houses many government functions, from bill sponsoring to sub-committee and committee hearings, and acts as the home base for state government.

The Georgia capitol building started construction in 1884 and the dedication took place in 1889. The architects responsible for the formation of this grand structure were Willoughby J. Edbrooke and Franklin Pierce Burnham, heads of a Chicago architectural firm. (Office of the Governor, 2015)

Over time, the capitol building has become more modern, as well as more crowded. With day to day operations that include many groups of people, as well as chartered tours on a daily basis, the capitol is large hub for centralized government operations and all who are included in those processes.

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