Explain Yourself: Interview Questions

  • Why were you going to the capitol building?
  • Did you know where to go for the event/hearing you were there for?
  • Was the room easy to find?
  • How big did┬áspace feel (crowded, open, etc.)?
  • Did it seem like a lot of┬ápeople were there?
  • As a protester, what did you think of the space of the capitol building?
  • How did the space make you feel?
  • Does the feeling of space matter to you as a protester?
  • Did you notice anything about the acoustics or visuals of the space?
  • Were you able to find seating if you wanted it?
  • Were you able to see the speakers from a sitting or standing perspective?
  • Was it easy to hear the speakers?
  • Describe the experience of entering the capitol building: how easy was it to find the entrance, how long did it take to get in the building, etc.


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